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The silver lining to my stroke two years ago was that I sold my home and moved into The Park Avenue Palace in downtown Savannah, Georgia to be near Future-Wife- Suzana-Barton while I recovered. At the palace Suzana and her mother served me home cooked meals, and I took lots of naps with Maltese Schnauzer Puppy Valen-tino (a.k.a. Tino). It wasn't long before I recovered. But doctors say I have to relax, or I could have another stroke. That's where my interest in travel comes in. Suzana and I try to take Tino with us on the road as often as possible. But sometimes he stays home to visit with Granddog Mama Ann.  


My three favorite photography subjects are my wife, our puppy dog, and my travels. Also, writing about food gives me an excuse to eat better. Keep reading for some good eats.

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