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Travel and Food Adventures

I chose the business name,  "I Am Not Old News" because after retiring as the Savannah Morning News Editorial Page Editor I wanted to write from a more personal perspective.  I suffered a stroke in 2016 that was, in some ways, a lucky wake-up call.  I realized I needed to take better care of myself and the important people in my life. While lying flat on my back in a hospital bed, I vowed to be the best person I can be and to prove to myself that I am not old news. I love my wife to infinity, but our marriage can be a struggle because I move more slowly now. I have memory issues, can't handle as much stress, and I need naps throughout the day. But I'm relentlessly optimistic about the future.


I hope you'll be interested in reading about our travel and culinary adventures. By the way, our puppy, Valen-Tino only looks grumpy here because he hates having his picture taken.

Tommy Barton

My focus at I Am Not Old News is travel and food whereas my wife, Suzana, blogs about fashion and travel... As husband and wife travel companions we cover the same experiences from he-said, she-said perspectives. I have primarily male readers, whereas women are drawn to Suzana's stories and pictures about how to maximize a tiny, shared wardrobe. I am the primary cook in our household, but both of us are big foodies. My wife is not an "official" vegan, but she usually turns up her nose at meat. Likewise, although I love bacon as much as the next guy,  if I don't eat healthy, I'm not going to be around long to be a good husband. The key word in our household is "moderation." Savannah, Georgia, is in the heart of the nation's stroke belt, and the top culprits to cause a stroke are fat, sugar and salt. ( I still crave fried chicken, fried shrimp and fried hush puppies.) Sadly, those are no longer menu items I can regularly enjoy.  I am on a journey to reinvent myself, to live healthier, and to enjoy a more robust lifestyle. I intend to see cool and interesting places, learn new things, and savor every precious minute. This is my second chance.







“Best Of” Winner, Savannah Magazine. Photo: Izzy Hudgins






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